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Huntingdon County and the Seigniories of Chateauguay and Beauharnois


Walker Bridge

The Upper Bridge in Huntingdon, named after W.H.Walker, MLA. (45.083N/74.175W)

Walker Brook

An old name for Collins Brook.

Walker Hill

A hill on Rte 209, NE of St-Chrysostome. It is located 3mi (4.8km) NE of St-Chrysostome Village on the boundary line with Ste-Clothilde. (45.133N/73.716W)

Walker (Hill) Road

An old name for the stretch of Rte 209 NE of St-Chrysostome Village. It is now called Rue Notre-Dame.

War Road (Hinchinbrooke)

The road cut by the American troops when they invaded Canada during the War of 1812. It crossed the border between old lots 34 and 35, 1mi (1.6km) east of Herdman Customs. (44.995N/74.065W)

Watson Bridge

A bridge across the Trout River, connecting the First Concession (Elgin) to Rte 138 on the Godmanchester side. (45.008N/74.312W) Previously called the Holbrook Bridge.

Wattie Cemetery

A family cemetery located on lot 10, Second Concession (Elgin) on the north side of the First Concession Road (Elgin), 0.6mi (1km) west of the Wattie Sideroad. (45.008N/74.241W)

Wattie Sideroad

A road in the middle of Elgin Township, that runs from the First Concession Road, 3.4mi (5.4km) west of Powerscourt, at the old Beith hamlet, north to the Third Concession Road (Elgin). (45.017N/74.229W)

Watt's Hill

A hill in the Boyd Settlement, on the Boyd Settlement Road about 0.4mi (0.6km) west of the Rockburn Sideroad. (45.098N/74.091W) Named for the nearby, early farm owners.

Wesley-Knox Cemetery

An old cemetery located on Covey Hill Road, 0.8mi (1.3km) east of the junction of the Jackson Sideroad. (45.021N/73.669W)

Wesley Methodist Cemetery

Another name for the Henrysburg Cemetery, located in the exit 12 interchange of Autoroute 15. This name was also applied to the present Wesley United Cemetery on Covey Hill between the years 1857-1925.

Wesley United Cemetery

Located on Covey Hill Road. (45.020N/73.749W) This was also known as the Wesley Methodist Cemetery from 1857-1925.

West Constable (NY)

An old name for Westville hamlet or village.

West Hemmingford

Probably the western part of the old Hemmingford Township that is now divided between Franklin and Havelock Townships.

West Street (Huntingdon)

The old name for Lake Street in the Town of Huntingdon. (45.084N/74.178W)

Westville (NY)

A village in Franklin County (NY), located at the junction of NYS RTs 20 and 37, 5.7mi (9.2km) WSW of Trout River (NY). (44.962N/74.417W) It was previously called West Constable.

Whipple, Le Village de

An early local name for Coteau Landing.

White Birch Island

The old name of an island in the St-Lawrence River, in or next to the Akwesasne Indian Reserve (St-Régis). It was located 1.4mi (2.2km) north of the mouth of Bittern Creek. (45.042N/74.570W) The islands in this area have changed in shape as well as name over the years. It seems to be called Île-Dodens on a modern map.

White Creek

An old name for the Rivière Outarde Est, on the upstream side of the Black Creek junction.

White's Sideroad (Montée White) (Godmanchester)

A road running from Rte 138, 2.6mi (4.2km) north of the Trout River Customs, NW until it meets the Montée Cazaville in St-Anicet Parish. (45.038N/74.314W) It was named after John White and his family who owned the farm along side the road. It is now called Montée Leblanc which is either an inappropriate french translation of a proper name or the name of the present owner of a nearby farm.

Whites Station

A railway station on the CNR line where it crossed White's Sideroad (Godmanchester), 0.7mi (1.2km) NW of Rte 138. (45.037N/74.315W)

White's Station Post Office

White's Station Post Office operated from 1896 until 1915.

Whitman Family Cemetery (Lacolle)

A small family cemetery located on the west side of Rte 223, 2.2mi (3.5km) NNE of Notre-Dame-de-Mont-Carmel (Cantic). (45.095N/73.314W)

Whitney Corners (NY)

A hamlet in northern New York State, located 4.8mi (7.8km) west of Mooers (NY). (44.961N/73.685W)

Whyte Road (Hemmingford)

A road that runs from the Back Bush Road, 0.9mi (1.4km) west of Rte 219, north on a crooked path to the Township line with Ste-Clothilde.

Wiley Creek (Williamstown)

A small creek on the north side of the Norton Creek, a short distance from its mouth at Aubrey. (45.150N/73.789W)

Williams Road (Hemmingford)

An westward continuation of the Kenney Road to Rte 219, 1.8mi (2.9km) north of Hemmingford Village. (45.072N/73.550W)

Williams Road (St-Urbain)

An old (c1850) name for Chemin du Rang Double.

Williamstown (Williams Town)

The east central region of the Seigniory of Beauharnois, bounded on the north by the English River and the Châteauguay River, on the east by the Seigniory of Lasalle, on the west by the English River and on the south by the Norton Creek. Named after Alexander Ellice's son William. Sometimes written as two words.

Wilson-Smith Cemetery

An old private family cemetery in Franklin Township, located at the corner of the Grimshaw Road and the Wilson Sideroad, 1.3mi (2.1km) west of Franklin Centre. (45.028N/73.949W) Also called the John Wilson Family Cemetery.

Wingate's Mill

An old mill located on Rte 202, 1.4mi (2.3km) east of Hemmingford where the Little Montreal River crosses. (45.046N/73.558W)

Winter's Corners (Ormstown)

The corner of Tullochgorum Road and the Jamestown Sideroad (old Rte 14), 0.1mi (0.15km) NE of Rte 201/Tullochgorum corner. (45.111N/73.974W)


A town on Rte 132 in the north part of Ville de Léry, 2mi (3.2km) west of Châteauguay, close to Lake St-Louis. (45.357N/73.787W)

Woodlands Post Office

The Woodlands Post Office operated from 1904 until 1014.

Woodlands Station

A railway station on the New York Central Railway (Conrail) Line, located on Rte 132 where the rail line crosses the road at the Woodlands corner. (45.356N/73.785W)

Woods Falls (NY)

An old hamlet and rail station in northern New York State, located 3.5mi (5.7km) SW of Mooers (NY). (44.927N/73.638W)

Woods of L'Acadie

See: Burtonville Woods.

Wylie's Bridge

An old steel bridge across the Norton Creek at Aubrey. It was replaced by a concrete bridge, when Rte 203 was built through the area.


Yankee Rapids

A rapids on the Outarde River between Ormstown and the Boyd Settlement. Named because the American Army had forded the river at that location during the invasion in 1813 that culminated in the Battle of Châteauguay. (45.112N/74.048W)

Yankee Ridge (Godmanchester)

A settlement of many Americans on the Fourth Concession (Godmanchester) between White's Sideroad and Smellie Sideroad. (45.07N/74.29W)

Yellow Island (St-Régis)

See: Île-Jaune.


Zion Hill

A local name for Covey Hill, probably coined and used by the adherents of the Zion Church at Geraldine, near the summit of the hill.

Zion Presbyterian Cemetery (Old)

An old cemetery at Dundee Centre associated with the Zion Presbyterian Church (now Zion United). It is located on the NW side of the Dundee Centre Road, across from the church. (45.030N/74.427W)

Zion United Cemetery

A cemetery located on the east side of the Zion United Church at Dundee Centre, a short distance SE on the Smallman Sideroad. (45.029N/74.425W)