Huntingdon County and the Seigniories of Chateauguay and Beauharnois


MacIntyre Island

An old name for Île-Lalonde in the north end of Lake St-Francis, 0.6mi (1km) east of Coteau Landing. (45.256N/74.194W)

Main Street North (Hemmingford Village)

The section of Frontier Street (Rte 219) in Hemmingford Village, running north from the corners at Rte 202. (45.047N/73.588W) Also locally called North Street.

Main Street South (Hemmingford Village)

The section of Frontier Street (Rte 219) in Hemmingford Village, running south from the corners at Rte 202. (45.044N/73.590W) Also locally called South Street.

Malloy's Rapids

A rapids in the Châteauguay River, west of Ormstown, close to the mouth of Finn Creek, 1.5mi 2.4km) east of Dewittville. Named after the settler on a nearby farm.

Malone Junction (NY)

A railway junction and possible station with the New York Central (Conrail) and the old Ogdensburg and Lake Champlain Railroad. It was located on the east side of the Village of Malone. (44.857N/74.274W)

Malone Station

A railway station on the Northern Railroad of New York rail line that ran east/west through the village of Malone. It was located at the Salmon River in what is now the north side of Main Street in downtown Malone. Not to be confused with Malone Junction on the east side of town.

Malone (NY), Town of

A township or rural municipality in Franklin County, northern New York State, in the area surrounding the Village of Malone.

Malone (NY), Village of

The major town in Franklin County, northern New York State, located 10mi (16km) south of Trout River Lines. (44.850N/74.290W)

Mannagh's Corners

The first old name for Havelock Corners. It was named after its founder, David Mannagh, an Irishman. It was later renamed Vicars and subsequently became Havelock Corners or just Havelock.

Manning Cemetery, John

An old private cemetery for the John Manning family, early settlers and the founder of the first Manningville (later Stacey's Corners) in Franklin Township. It is located in the Stevenson Orchard, 0.16mi (0.25km) west of the junction of Rte 202 and the Clinton Sideroad, 2.4mi (3.9km) WSW of Franklin Centre. (45.020N/73.973W)

Manning Family Cemetery

A private family cemetery on Rte 202, about 1mi (1.6km) east of Franklin Centre. (45.035N/73.903W) Not to be confused with the John Manning Cemetery, further west in the Stevenson Orchard, near the Clinton Sideroad.

Manning Family Cemetery (Hemmingford)

Another name for the Odell-McKay Cemetery on account of Squire Manning having owned the land and his daughter was the first burial.


A hamlet at the corner of Rte 202 and the Clinton Sideroad. (45.020N/73.971W) Named after Squire John Manning and his sons who settled there in 1820. Later, after the post office moved, it was renamed Stacey's Corners after Manning's son-in-law, Asher Stacey. An 1881 document refers to Manningville as "the first post office located at a place called the Frontier". Most likely it is being confused with Frontier Lines, on the border to the south.

Manningville Post Office

The Manningville Post Office operated at the original Manningville hamlet from before 1832 until the early 1840s when it moved east to Fisher Ames' store in Bridgetown.


A corrupted name for Maritana printed in a Montréal newspaper article on the Fenian Raids in 1860.

Maple Grove

A town on the shore of the St-Lawrence River, 1.8mi (2.9km) ENE of Beauharnois. (45.324N/73.840W) It was named for the large number of maple trees that greeted the early settlers. It was incorporated as a town in 1918.

Maple Grove Station

A railway station on the New York Central (Conrail) Railway line near Maple Grove. (45.319N/73.835W)

Maple Island

The old name for Île-de-Beaujeu, located in the north channel of the St-Lawrence River between Grande-Île and Coteau.


A hamlet in Godmanchester (now St-Anicet) that was located at the junction of the Leahy Road (Chemin Leahy) and the Cooper Sideroad (Montée Cooper), 3.0mi (4.8km) east of Cazaville. (45.082N/74.309W)

Maplemore Post Office

The Maplemore Post Office operated from 1902 until 1915.

Marais de la Ferme Therrien

A marsh on the south shore of the St-Lawrence River, in the Akwesasne Indian Reserve (St-Régis). It is located 1.2mi (2km) west of Dundee Village, on the west side of the Salmon River at the US border.

Marais Giroux

A swampy area 2.8mi (4.6km) SE of St-Chrysostome Village at the west end of the Back Bush Road. (45.086N/73.709W)

Marais Sugar Bush

A marsh on the south shore of the St-Lawrence River, in the Akwesasne Indian Reserve (St-Régis). It is located 2.4mi (3.9km) WNW of Dundee Village, on the west side of the Salmon River.

Marble River

A tributary on the east side of the Châteauguay River, located on the north side of Chateaugay (NY).


A hamlet in Franklin Township, that was located on Rte 202 at the junction of Rte 201, 3mi (4.8km) east of Franklin Centre. (45.040N/73.863W) Sometimes mis-spelt Maratana, Mantana or Montana.

Maritana Post Office

The Maritana Post Office operated from 1865 until 1914.

Marlin Corner

Mis-spelling of Merlin Corners.

Marshal Family Cemetery (Godmanchester)

A private family cemetery for the Thomas Marshall family, located on their family farm, lot 42, Fifth Concession (Godmanchester). This is the same lot where the Trout River Post Office was located.

marsh island

A raised, relatively dry area of land in the middle of a wet swamp or marsh. Might also be called a "swamp island". All of the marsh islands in the SW area are in the west corner of Dundee Township or in the St-Régis Indian Reserve.

Marsh Island

A marsh or swamp island in Dundee, located 1.9mi (3.1km) NNE of Dundee Village, on the east side of the Salmon River. (45.024N/74.519W)

Martin Creek

A tributary of the Châteauguay River that runs through the middle of Ormstown to its mouth just above the old bridge. (45.124N/73.998W) Previously called Lovell Creek.

Martin's Corners Post Office

The Martin's Corners Post office operated from 1860 until 1862 at a location in the Beauharnois electorial district. Exact location is not yet determined?

Martintown, ON

A village in eastern Ontario, located 10.5mi (17km) west of Lancaster, ON. (45.153N/74.711W)

Mary's Reef

An old name for Pointe-Coulonge on the north shore of the St-Lawrence River, a short distance west of Pointe-des-Cascades.

Marystown (Marys Town)

An area in the Seigniory of Beauharnois on the west side of the St-Louis River. It is bounded on the north by the St-Lawrence River, on the east and south by the St-Louis River and on the west by Helenstown and Domaine du Buisson. Named after Alexander Ellice's daughter, Mary. Sometimes written as two words.

Mason Corners (NY)

An old hamlet at the corner of US RT11 and NYS RT276, 1.5mi (2.4km) east of Champlain (NY). (44.984N/73.417W)


A hamlet in St-Anicet Parish, located on Rte 132 at the corner of Chemin Trepanier, 2mi (3.2km) SW of Cazaville. (45.070N/74.403W)

May Bank (Maybank) Post Office

The May Bank Post Office operated from 1899 until 1915.

McAdam Road (Hemmingford)

An old name for the Moore Road.

McBeth Family Cemetery

A private family cemetery on the Second Concession (Elgin) also known as the Wattie Cemetery. See Wattie Cemetery.

McCaig's Corners

A local name for Tullochgorum hamlet at the corner of Tullochgorum Road and Brysonville Sideroad. Named for the storekeeper on that corner.

McClatchie Cemetery

A private family cemetery located on the First Concession (Hinchinbrooke), 0.2mi (0.3km) west of the Herdman Sideroad. (45.010N/74.098W)

McClintock('s) Creek

A tributary on the north side of the Châteauguay River, with it's mouth a short distance west of Ormstown, 0.5mi (0.8km) from the junction of the Outarde River. It was named after the family that owned the farm through which it flowed. It was previously named Smith's Creek. (45.123N/74.014W)

McCoy's Lines

An old name for the border crossing south of Herdman (Herdman Customs). Named after Geo. McCoy, who owned a store at that location. It was also called Châteauguay Frontier probably because it was on the road or trail to Chateaugay (NY).

McCrea-Kingsbury Cemetery

This cemetery is located on private land on Shields Road, NE of Hemmingford, 0.4mi (0.7km) SW of the corner with Fisher Road. (45.085N/73.551W)

McDonald's Point (Dundee)

An old name of a point on the south shore of Lake St-Francis, east of the Isle of Skye Settlement. It was located 0.6mi (1km) south of Pointe-Leblanc, 2mi (3.3km) NE of Fraser's Point. (45.069N/74.444W) The modern name is unknown?

McDonald's Point (Maple Grove)

A small point on the NE side of Maple Grove between Pointe-Goyette and Pointe-du-Docteur. (45.330N/73.835W)

McGee's Point

An old (c1820) name for Pointe-Beaudette on the north side of Lake St-Francis.

McGill's Corners

A hamlet on the Norton Creek. It was located 1.9mi (3.1km) west of Ste-Clothilde, at the road junction where Rte 209 turns east on the Grand Rang Ste-Clothilde (Beechridge Road). The name disappeared when the Norton Creek (hamlet) name was moved from the Brownville/Norton Creek location, 0.9mi (1.5km) upstream, and applied to the McGill's Corners location.

McIntosh Corners (Hinchinbrooke)

The corner of the Gowan Road and Rockburn Sideroad, located (1.7km) north of Rockburn Village. (45.038N/74.008W)

McKie's Point

This name showed in a 1878 report on lighthouses. It was on Lake St-Francis, east of the Laguerre River, possibly? on a point near the lakeshore end of the Plank Road where a modern lighthouse is situated.

McKillop Point

A point on Lake St-Francis, 0.3mi (0.5km) north of Port Lewis. (45.176N/74.280W)

McKirryher's Hill (Hemmingford)

The hill on Rte 219, on the north side of Cleland's Corners, the junction with Covey Hill Road. (45.022N/73.608W)

McNair's Hill

A raised area located in Godmanchester Township, close to the present day corner of the Back Ridge Road and Smellie Sideroad. (45.10N/74.25W) Named after James McNair, who first built a house there.

McNown (McNowan's) Rapids

A rapids in the Châteauguay River between Ormstown and Dewittville. It was located 1.8mi (3km) west of the mouth of the Outarde River. (45.118N/74.040W)

McPherson's Point

A point on the south shore of the St-Charles River or the south channel of the St-Lawrence River on the south side of Grande-Île.

Meadows, The (Ormstown)

An area of grassland, probably formed by a floodplain and clearances by earlier American squatters, used by the early settlers to provide feed for their cattle. It was located on the north side of the Châteauguay River, midway between Ormstown and Brysonville. (45.138N/73.959W)


A town located at the east end of the Old Beauharnois Canal, 2.4mi (3.8km) west of Beauharnois. (45.317N/73.927W) Named after Joseph Meloche, an early merchant. May have previously been locally named Foot of Canal (Pied-du-Canal) following construction of the canal. It was incorporated as a town in 1919 under the name Municipalité du Village du Lac St-Louis and finally officially became Melocheville in 1953.

Melocheville Post Office

The Melocheville Post Office has been in operation since 1863. Prior to that, it was named the Teohauta Post Office.

Melocheville Station

A railway station on the New York Central (Conrail) Railway line, 0.9mi (1.4km) south of Melocheville. (45.306N/73.940W)


A hamlet located 2.8mi (4.5km) west of St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, at the corner of Rte 219 and Chemin du Petit-Bernier. (45.303N/73.312W) It is now surrounded by St-Jean.

Ménard Post Office

The Mènard Post Office operated from 1903 until 1913.

Menoche's Corner

A corner located 1.2mi (2km) NNE of Sherrington, at the junction of Rtes 219 and 221. (45.184N/73.513W)


The modern name (after 1968) for the town of Ste-Philomène, located on Rte 138, 3.5mi (5.6km) south of Châteauguay. (45.31N/73.74W) It was possibly named for Honoré Mercier, Premier of Quebec 1887-91.

Mercier Bridge (Lasalle/Kahnawake)

The major highway bridge (Rte 138) crossing the St-Lawrence River between Kahnawake and Lasalle to the Island of Montréal. (45.417N/73.655W) Named after Honoré Mercier, an old premier of Quebec.

Mercier Bridge (Ste-Martine)

The bridge across the Châteauguay River on the Beauce Road (Rte 205), 2.1mi (3.4km) north of Ste-Martine. (45.281N/73.802W)

Merlin Corners

An older name for the corner of the Back Bush Road and the old Rte 219 cutoff section, now known as the School Road. It is located 3.8mi (6.1km) north of Hemmingford. (45.100N/73.581W) The name is sometimes mis-spelt Marlin but was most likely named after the Merlins who owned the farm on the south side of the corner.

Merlin-Kyle Cemetery

An old cemetery, located in Hemmingford Township, on private property, back off the north side of Fisher Road, about 0.4mi (0.6km) NNE of the junction with the Shield Road. (45.095N/73.543W)

Military Turnpike

A road (NYS RT 190) that runs from Plattsburgh (NY), around the northeast side of Rand Hill to Ellenburg (NY), where it joins US RT 11. It was probably the supply path, first cut by General Hampton's Army when they were preparing to invade Canada in 1813.

Miller Cemetery (Godmanchester)

A private cemetery located on the Leahy Road (Chemin Leahy), 0.3mi (0.5km) east of the Cazaville Sideroad. (45.070N/74.344W) Named after Moses Miller and located on lot 47, Third Range (St-Anicet) owned by Samuel Clark, his son-in-law. Not to be confused with the Miller/Moody Cemetery (Dundee).

Mill Road (Rue Mill) (Howick)

The current Mill Road in Howick is the street in Howick running from Rte 138 at Georgetown to the junction of Lambton and Colville Streets. It may have included Lambton Street at one time?. It was probably named after George's Mill, the first mill in the area built by the Seignior in 1803. Not to be confused with Mill Street that was the old name (c1896) of the present Bridge Street.

Mill Street (Howick)

On an old (c1896) village street map, Mill (Street) was the indicated name of what is now known as Bridge Street, because the grist and saw mills were located on that street, next to the river.

Milwaukee Concession

The second concession north of the Black River, west of St-Chrysostome, along what is now called Rang St-Antoine. (45.109N/73.804W) Supposedly named after a popular early variety of wheat.


An ecclesiastical region. In the Catholic Church, it was the precursor to the creation of a parish. In protestant denominations, it means about the same as a "circuit", an area served by one itinerant preacher.

Mission de St-Malachie

The name of the first Roman Catholic Church in the upper Châteauguay Valley built near Dewittville and dedicated in 1840. Also the name of the region for ecclesiastical purposes prior to the creation of the official Parish of St-Malachie-d'Ormstown.

Mission de St-Malachie Cemetery

See: Cimetière de St-Malachie (Old).

Mission du Sault St-Louis

The original name for the area now occupied by the Kahnawake Indian Reserve. It was a Jesuit Mission to the Mohawks granted by the King of France in 1680 and was equivalent to a Seigniory.

Mitchell Brook

A tributary of the Rivière Outarde East Branch. Its source is in the US and it crosses the border, 0.2mi (0.3km) west of Franklin Centre Customs. (45.499N/73.943W) It meanders west and north past Rockburn to its mouth, 0.7mi (1.1km) east of Anderson's Corners at the corner of the Rockburn Sideroad and Rang 3 (Ormstown). (45.073N/74.034W) Named after Jacob Mitchell, an early settler.

Montana (Franklin)

A mis-spelling of Maritana.

Montée <xxxx>

French for sideroad or byroad. See: <xxxx> Sideroad.

Montée Gervais (St-Urbain)

A road in the Municipality of St-Urbain-Premier, running NE from Chemin Double (St-Urbain) to the Chemin Grande-Ligne. (45.207N/73.707W) It used to be called Montée Grande-Ligne (c1850).

Montée Giroux (Hemmingford)

A road running north from Rte 202 at Corbin's Corners, 5mi (8km) west of Hemmingford, to the Cowan Road. (45.057N/73.686W) It was named after Albert Giroux, a local resident.

Montée Leblanc (Godmanchester)

The present name for White's Sideroad although some modern road maps indicate it as Montée White. It may be an inappropriate translation of white, as the road was named after John White and/or David White, owners of farms along which it ran, not the color white. On the other hand, the present owner of these farms may be a M. Leblanc?.

Montée Poupart

A road running north from the Hurley Road, just east of the junction with Montée Giroux, to the Back Bush Road. (45.079N/73.683W) Some maps show it as including the north/south section of road between Chemin St-Joseph (St-Chrysostome) and the Back Bush Road (Hemmingford). Named after a family that lived on the road. It was previously called Rang de Guenille and the Baskin Road.

Montgomery Sideroad (Hinchinbrooke)

Another name for the now disappeared Golden Sideroad, running from the First Concession Road (Hinchinbrooke) south to the US border.

Montreal and Champlain Junction Railway (Division of Grand Trunk)

The name of a railway company formed in 1870. It became a division or subsidiary of the Grand Trunk Railway in 1872. It built the railway line into the Châteauguay Valley in the early 1880s. It was merged into the Grand Trunk Railway in 1895.

Montreal and Champlain Railroad

The name of the Champlain and St-Lawrence Railroad on an Eastern Townships Map from 1867.

Montreal and New York Railway

A railway line from Caughnawaga (Kahnawake) through Hemmingford to the US border where it joined with the Plattsburgh and Montreal Railway, running north from Plattsburgh (NY) through Mooers Junction. It was first named the Lake St-Louis and Province Line Railway but had changed names before construction was finished in 1852. It was later acquired by the Montreal and Champlain Junction Railway and later still became part of the Grand Trunk Railway (Caughnawaga Division). The rail line was officially known as the Province Line Branch of the Montreal and New York Railway.

Montreal and Plattsburgh Railway

A subsequent name adopted in 1856 for the Plattsburgh and Montreal Railway from Plattsburgh (NY) to the Canadian border north of Mooers (NY).

Montreal Road (Chateaugay NY)

An old local name for the Earlville Road, NE of Chateaugay (NY).

Mont St-Nicholas Post Office

The Mont St-Nicholas Post Office operated from 1877 until 1889 when it changed its name to Girard Post Office. It was located south of St-Blaise in St-Jean County, at the St-Nicholas Station (later Girard Station) on the Grand Trunk Rail line.

Moodie Cemetery (Dundee)

A small family cemetery in Dundee Township, located on the southeast side of the Ridge Road, 0.8mi (1.3km) west of Ste-Agnes de Dundee. (45.008N/74.420W) Also known as Smith/Moodie Cemetery. May have also be called the Miller Cemetery, not to be confused with the Miller Cemetery on Leahy Road in Godmanchester or St- Anicet.

Mooer Brook

A tributary of the English River with its source in Havelock Township at the US border, just west of the township boundary with Hemmingford Township (45.003N/73.716W) and it's mouth at the Cowan Road, 0.9mi (1.4km) west of Montée Giroux. (45.072N/73.704W)

Moore Road (Hemmingford)

A road running from the east end of Hurley Road to Rte 219, 2.6mi (4.1km) north of Hemmingford Village. (45.083N/73.595W)

Mooers Forks (NY)

A hamlet located on US RT11, 2.6mi (4.2km) west of Mooers (NY). (44.958N/73.641W) It was also called Centerville.

Mooers Junction

The junction of the Montreal and Plattsburgh Railroad and the Ogdensburg and Lake Champlain Railroad. It was located on the north side of Mooers (NY). (44.967N/73.586W)

Mooers Port of Entry

The US Customs port at the Hemmingford border crossing. It is located on NYS RT22. (45.004N/73.604W)

Mooers Station (NY)

Another name for Mooers Junction.

Mooers (NY), Town of

The rural municipality or township of the area from the Village of Mooers to west of Cannon Corners. It was created in 1804 and is named after Gen. Benjamin Mooers, a militia commander in the battle of Plattsburgh, 1814.

Mooers (NY), Village of

A town in Clinton County, northeastern New York State, located on US RT11, 6mi (9.6km) south of Hemmingford. (44.961N/73.586W)

Mooretown (Mooerstown)

An old name for Mooers (NY).

Moquin's Bay

A bay on the south shore of Lake St-Francis, 2.2mi (3.6km) NW of Cazaville. (45.103N/74.411W) Named after an early lumber merchant and owner of the lot on the east side of the bay. Now called Baie de Perron.

Moquin's Point

An old name for Pointe-Breezy. Named after an early lumber merchant and owner of the land.

Morrison Bridge (Elgin)

A bridge across the Trout River at the Morrison Sideroad. (45.044N/74.271W)

Morrison's Ford

Same location as Morrison's Rapids in the Châteauguay River where the river was shallow and easily crossed (forded) at the rapids.

Morrison's Rapids

A rapids in the Châteauguay River, 1.6mi (2.5km) NW of Allan's Corners. (45.178N/73.907W) Same place as Morrison's Ford.

Morrison Sideroad (Elgin)

A road running from the west end of the Third Concession Road (Elgin), north to the Trout River. (45.039N/74.269W)


A place mentioned in Sellar. The only Moulinette that I can find is an island in the St-Lawrence, west of Cornwall,ON.


Municipalité Régionale du Comté - Regional Municipal County. A new series of large administrative "counties" created by the Quebec Government in the 1979-81 period to replace the old counties such as Huntingdon and Châteauguay Counties.

MRC de Beauharnois-Salaberry

The MRC that replaces the old Beauharnois County and parts of Châteauguay County. It includes Beauharnois, Valleyfield, Ste-Martine, St-Louis-de-Gonzague, St-Timothée, St-Urbain, etc.

MRC de Haut-Richelieu

The MRC on both sides of the south end of the Richelieu River that includes the old county of St-Jean (St-Johns), Iberville and part of Missisquoi county.

MRC de Haut-St-Laurent

The MRC created in 1981 that now comprises most of the Upper Châteauguay Valley including most of the old Huntingdon County (except Hemmingford Township) and the western part of Châteauguay County.

MRC Les Jardins-de-Napierville

The MRC that includes the old county of Napierville, and parts of the old Counties of St-Jean (Lacolle) and Huntingdon (Hemmingford Township).

MRC de Roussillon

The MRC that comprises the northern part of the old Châteauguay County, including the towns of Châteauguay and Mercier.

Mud Creek

The name was applied by the locals to two different creeks. First and most common was the old name for Oak Creek in Elgin Township. Secondly, a local name for Beaver Creek in southwest corner of Godmanchester.

Muir Forest (Réserve Écologique du Boise des Muir)

An ecological reserve of old growth forest on the Boyd Settlement road, on the south side of the Châteauguay River, half way between Dewittville and Huntingdon. (45.086N/74.115W) Named after the family of the original owner.

Muir and McNaughton Settlement

An area in the middle of the Boyd Settlement, between the Châteauguay and Outarde Rivers in Hinchinbrooke Township. (45.09N/74.12W) Named after two families that were early prominent settlers.

Munro's Hill

A hillside or high ground in the immediate vicinity of Athelstan Village, mentioned in early documents?.

Munro Settlement

An early settlement, roughly on the north side of Athelstan Village. (45.039N/74.173W)

Murphy's Corners (St-Anicet)

Another name for Coffey's Corners.

Murray('s) Bridge (Elgin)

The name of the old Fourth Concession Bridge that was damaged by heavy truck traffic in the 1980s and replaced by a converted railway bridge a short distance away. It was named after Robert Murray, an early settler on the Fourth Concession.