Huntingdon County and the Seigniories of Chateauguay and Beauharnois


Oaks, The

See: Oaks Cemetery, Old.

Oaks Cemetery, Old

An old, now plowed over and disappeared, cemetery on old lot 28 beside the Athelstan Road at the junction with the Lost Nation Road. (45.044N/74.182W)

Oak Creek (Ruisseau a la Boue)

A tributary of the Châteauguay River with its source in the US in the region east of Trout River Lines (NY). It crosses the border 1.9mi (3.2km) east of Trout River Customs (44.992N/74.263W) and flows NE through Elgin Township to its mouth with the Châteauguay River, 1.2mi (2km) NNW of Athelstan Village. (45.051N/74.189W) It was locally known as Mud Creek, Oakstream, and Otter Creek.

Oak Creek Bridge

A bridge on the Second Concession Road (Elgin) where it crosses the Oak Creek, 0.9mi (1.5km) east of the Smaill Sideroad. (45.021N/74.251W)


An old local name for Oak Creek in Elgin.

O'Brian Corners

An old hamlet in northern New York State, located at the corner of US RT11 and the Irona Road, 6.4mi (10.3km) WSW of Mooers (NY). (44.923N/73.705W)

Odell-McKay Cemetery

A small cemetery located on Lavallee Road, close to the junction with Rte 219. (45.068N/73.587W) The land was donated by Squire John Manning in the early 1800s.


A old settlement located next to Rte 221, 2.9mi (4.7km) south of Lacolle. (45.041N/73.388W) Named after Squire Joshua Odell. It was the location of a battle in the 1838 Patriot Rebellion.

Odelltown Methodist Cemetery

A cemetery located behind the Odelltown Methodist Church, close to the junction with Montée Odelltown. (45.042N/73.388W)

Odelltown Post Office

The Odelltown Post Office operated from 1878 until 1913.

Ogdensburg and Lake Champlain Railway

A reorganized name for the Ogdensburg Railroad (previously Northern Railroad of New York) in 1864.

Ogdensburg Railroad

The reorganized name for the Northern Railroad of New York in 1858.

Ogilvie('s) Creek

A tributary of the English River with it's source along Tullochgorum Concession and it's mouth at the present day Howick Village. (45.190N/73.849W)

Ogilvie's Hill

A hill on the Second Range (St-Anicet or Godmanchester) somewhere on the west side of the Teafield. Exact location not yet determined?

O'Hare's Corners

Somewhere? along the Quesnel Sideroad, either close to Laguerre or possibly at the Chemin des Prairies corner.

Old Beauharnois Canal

See: Beauharnois Canal, Old.

Old Military Tract

An area in the original Clinton County (NY) (now including Franklin County) that was granted after 1783 to solders of the Revolutionary War.

Old Military Turnpike

Another name for the Military Turnpike (NYS RT190) in northern New York State.

Old Road (Hemmingford)

A road on the east side of Rte 219, 2.3mi (3.7km) north of Hemmingford. It was a section of the old highway that was cut off and bypassed when the highway was straightened in the 1950s. (45.078N/73.580W)

O'Neil('s) Corners (St-Anicet)

A hamlet that was located at the corner of the Quesnel Sideroad and the east end of the Leahy Road. (45.098N/74.279W)

O'Neil's Corners Post Office

The O'Neil's Corners Post Office operated from 1902 until 1915.

O'Neill Settlement

A settlement on Covey Hill, 0.5mi (0.8km) SSW of Covey Hill Corners (Rte 203 and Covey Hill Road). (45.013N/73.760W) Not to be confused with O'Neil Corners (St-Anicet).

O'Neill's Lines

Another name for Frontier Lines.

Ormstown (Orms Town)

A region in the western side of the seigniory of Beauharnois. It was bounded on the northwest side by the St-Louis River and Lake St-Francis, on the northeast by North Georgetown region, on the southeast by the Châteauguay River and on the southwest by Godmanchester Township (Huntingdon County). (45.16N/74.04W) Unlike the other regions of the Seigniory of Beauharnois which were named after Alexander Ellice's children, he was not known to have a child named Orm, so the origin of the name is unknown? Sometimes written as two words.

Ormstown Catholic Cemetery

See: Cimetière de St-Malachie.

Ormstown Concession

See: Upper Ormstown and Lower Ormstown Concessions.

Ormstown Island

It is not really an island, just a long narrow point between the Châteauguay River and the Outarde River, located 0.7mi (1.1km) west of Ormstown and running west to the Boyd Settlement in Hinchinbrooke. Also known as Jamestown Island.

Ormstown Methodist Cemetery

See: St-Johns Methodist Cemetery.

Ormstown, Municipality of

A local administrative district created in 1845, consisting of the old seigniorial region of Ormstown and part of the regions of Jamestown, North Georgetown and South Georgetown. It was part of the reform that replaced the first Municipal District of Beauharnois created in 1841 and it in turn was replaced in 1847 with another reform creating the Municipal Districts of Beauharnois, numbers One and Two. In 1855, there was further reform when the Counties were reborn. It was a confusing time. In 2000, another Municipality of Ormstown was created with the merger of the Parish of St-Malachie-d'Ormstown with the Village of Ormstown.

Ormstown Post Office

The Ormstown Post Office has been in operation since 1839. It was located in the village of Durham (later Ormstown Village).

Ormstown Protestant Cemetery

See: Ormstown Union Cemetery, St-Paul's Presbyterian Cemetery, St-John's Methodist Cemetery, and St-James Anglican Cemeteries, Old and present.

Ormstown Station

A railway station on the Montreal and Champlain Junction Railway (later Grand Trunk Railway and eventually CNR) built in 1881. It was located on the north side of the Village of Durham, later called Ormstown Village, where the railway line crossed Rte 201. (45.130N/74.000W)

Ormstown Station Post Office

The Ormstown Station Post Office operated from 1899 until 1961.

Ormstown Union Cemetery

A protestant cemetery serving the Ormstown United and Presbyterian congregations. It was founded in 1892 and is located on Rte 138, 0.6mi (0.9km) east of the junction with Rte 201. (45.123N/73.976W)

Ormstown Village

A village located on the Châteauguay River, about 20mi (32km) upstream from Châteauguay. It was incorporated as an independent town in 1889. It was previously named Durham, although the Ormstown Village name had been in common use for some time before incorporation. See also: South Durham.

Otter Creek

An old indian name for Oak Creek in Elgin Township.

Ouest, Chemin (Hemmingford)

A mis-spelling of the Quest Road showing on some modern road maps.

Outarde River (Rivière aux Outarde)

A tributary of the Châteauguay River with its mouth 0.5mi (0.8km) west of Ormstown Village. (45.123N/74.003W) It splits into East and West branches SE of Dewittville, with the West branch draining an area NE of Athelstan and the East Branch having its source near the US border south of Franklin Centre and flowing north along the boundary of Hinchinbrooke and Ormstown. The name Outarde is a French Canadian word for a Canada Goose.

Outarde River East (Rivière aux Outardes-Est)

The East Branch of the Rivière Outarde. On an 1896 map, its lower portion was called Black Creek and the upper eastern stretch was called White Creek.

Outarde Concession (Jamestown)

The concession along the south side of the Outarde River in Jamestown region of the Seigniory of Beauharnois. It was also called Little Jamestown.