Huntingdon County and the Seigniories of Chateauguay and Beauharnois


Abbott Farm Cemetery (Franklin)

A family cemetery located on the old Abbott Farm on the west side of the Clinton Sideroad, south of the First Concession Road. (45.006N/73.971W) In 1975, there was only one stone remaining visible.


See: L'Acadie.

Acadie County

A county on the west side of the Richelieu River, including the old Seigniories of Lacolle, DeLéry and the late granted Seigniories of St-George, St-James, St-Normand and Thwaite and the Sherrington "Township" area in the Sherrington/Napierville area. It was created in 1829 in a reorganization that saw the old Huntingdon County name disappear and the area west of the Richelieu River split into the four counties of Beauharnois, Acadie, Laprairie and Chambly. It disappeared again in the 1840s during the municipal reforms of that period.

Adirondack Bridge (Pont des Adirondacks)

The railway bridge on the New York Central (Conrail) rail line, that crosses the Châteauguay River at Châteauguay Basin. (45.377N/73.751W)

Adirondack Junction

A railway junction in Kahnawake (Caughnawaga) where the NY Central Railway (Conrail) and the CPR lines join before crossing the St-Lawrence railway bridge between Kahnawake and Lasalle. (45.402N/73.653W)


The native name for the St-Régis Indian Reserve. It straddles the US border beside the St-Lawrence River, west of Dundee. (45.00N/74.60W) Named after the Mohawk term "where the partridge drums".

Alburg(h) (VT)

An area and town on the peninsula (called Alburgh Tongue) that juts down from Canada into the north end of Lake Champlain. (44.976N/73.301W)

Alexander's Corners

An early name for Herdman (Hinchinbrooke). (45.028N/74.093W)

Alf Kenney Road (Hemmingford)

A local name for the Brownlee Road South. (45.035N/73.549W)

Allan's Corners

A hamlet on the north(west) side of the Châteauguay River about 5.1mi (8.2km) west of Howick, QC where a bridge now crosses the river. (45.160N/73.927W) It was named after the family that operated a store and post office in the mid 1800s (William Allan was the first postmaster in 1853). It was the general location of the Battle of Châteauguay in 1813 and now has a Parks Canada Historic Site nearby.

Allan's Corners Post Office

The Allan's Corners Post Office operated from 1853 to 1951.

Allen('s) Brook

A stream that starts in the US (called Shea Brook in US), crosses the US border 0.3mi (0.5km) west of Rte 203 at Covey Hill Customs Port. (45.007N/73.808W) It flows north to join with the English River, 1.2mi (2km) south of the Village of St-Chrysostome. (45.082N/73.762W) Named after James Allen who erected a grist mill there in 1815.

Altona (NY)

A village in Clinton County in northeastern New York State. It is located 6.2mi (10km) SSW of the Village of Mooer's (NY) (44.888N/73.656W) It was also a railway station on the Northern Railroad of New York (Rutland Railroad) rail line.

Anderson's Corners

A hamlet in Hinchinbrooke Township, at the corner of the Gore Road and the Rockburn Sideroad, 3.7mi (5.9km) SE of Dewittville, QC. (45.072N/74.048W) It was probably named after the first postmaster, James Anderson or his family. Prior to 1872, the post office there was called 'Six Mile Cross'.

Anderson's Corners Post Office

The Anderson's Corners Post Office operated from the store at Anderson's Corners from 1872 until 1913. It was previously called Six Mile Cross Post Office from 1868 until 1872.


The name given to the Seigniory of Beauharnois by Alexander Ellice in honor of his wife Ann. Its old name was Villechauve.

Annfield Mills

The Seigniory mills at the Village of Beauharnois or an old name of the Village of Beauharnois. Shown on the 1815 Bouchette Topo map.

Ann(')s Mill

An old name for the village of Beauharnois during the early 1800's.

Annstown (Anns Town)(Seigniory of Beauharnois)

That area of the Seigniory of Beauharnois bounded by the St-Louis River on the north, the Seigniory of Châteauguay on the east, the Châteauguay River on the south and North Georgetown on the west. (Center approx 45.27N/73.86W) Named after Alexander Ellice's daughter Ann. Sometimes written as two words.

Annstown (Beauharnois)

Annstown was another old name for the town of Beauharnois during the early 1800s.

Anse aux Batteaux

A bay on the north shore of Lake St-Francis, west of Coteau Landing. (45.252N/74.213W) It was probably named for the boats that would anchor there prior to shooting the rapids at Coteau and Cascades.

Anse a l'Esturgeon

A bay in the Richelieu River on the west side of Île-aux-Noix. (45.119N/73.277W)

Anse St-François

See: Baie St-François.

Ash Island (Île-Ash)

An island in the Richelieu near Lacolle, that serves as part of the highway (Rte 202) and railway bridges that crossed the river. (45.063N/73.327W)


A village located in Hinchinbrooke Township, about 3.5mi (5.5km) south of Huntingdon at the junction of the Third Concession Road, the Ridge Road and the Athelstan Road. (45.035N/74.175W) Formerly named St-Michael's, it was named after Athelstaneford, a village near Naddington, East Lothian, Scotland. It was founded by Truesdale, an American who built a sawmill there.

Athelstan Post Office

The Athelstan Post Office has been open in Athelstan Village since 1856.

Athelstan Presbyterian Cemetery

A protestant cemetery located on the Ridge Road (Hinchinbrooke), 0.4mi (0.6km) ENE of Athelstan. (45.037N/74.169W)

Athelstan Station

A railway station located on the NY Central (Conrail) line, 1 mile (1.6km) west of Athelstan village where the rail line crosses the Third Concession Road. (45.035N/74.197W)

Atkinson Cemetery

A small cemetery on private land located near Hemmingford on James Fisher Road, 0.4mi (0.6km) SSE of the junction with the Brownlee Road. (45.014N/73.545W) It is perched on a mound that resulted from the removal of gravel from the land around it during the construction of Autoroute 15.


A village on the west side of the English River close to the junction of the Norton Creek. (45.143N/73.789W) Originally named California Village until the post office opened in 1867. Locally known by some as Peasoup. Originally at the southeast corner of the South Georgetown region of the Seigniory of Beauharnois, Aubrey is now within the Municipality of St-Chrysostome, QC. It was sometimes spelt Aubry. Named after Edward Philip Aubrey, an early settler and son of the founder of Aubrey's Corners in Dundee.

Aubrey Cemetery (Dundee)

The cemetery at Aubrey's Corners in Dundee. Located on the Dundee Centre Road, 0.1mi (0.16km) west of the junction with the McCaffrey sideroad (Ridge Road. (45.008N/74.458W)

Aubrey Cemetery, Old (Dundee)

There are two conflicting locations for an old cemetery at Aubrey's Corners that is now plowed under and disappeared. Described in a journal article by a family descendant as located 0.15mi (0.25km) SSE of the corners just on the west side of the jog in the McCaffrey Sideroad. (45.006N/74.455W) An old map shows another cemetery located just on the west side of the presently visible Aubrey Cemetery but the 1950s topo map shows no sign of it and there is no written reference to it. Which one is the "Old Aubrey Cemetery" is debatable.

Aubrey's Corners (Dundee)

Located on the Dundee Center Road where the McCaffrey Sideroad enters, close to where Fraser Creek crosses. (45.009N/74.457W) Named after Edward Aubrey who was an early settler in 1817 at that location. Also spelt Aubry's Corners.

Aubrey Creek

Original name for Fraser Creek which starts close to the US border SW of Ste-Agnes (45.001N/74.421W) and runs NW past Aubrey's Corners to Fraser's Point on Lake St-Francis. (45.041N/74.477W)

Aubrey's Point

A point on the north end of Lake Champlain near Alburg (VT). Its exact location is unknown but it could possibly? be what is now called Windmill Point. (44.088N/73.337W)

Aubrey Post Office

The Aubrey Post Office operated from 1867 until 1969.

Aubrey Sideroad

The road that joins the Dundee Center Road at Aubrey's Corners. (45.007N/74.454W) Now called McCaffrey Sideroad and joins with the west end of the Ridge Road. Some maps call it Ridge Road today.

Aubrey Station

A station on the Canada Atlantic Railway (later CNR) line where it crossed the Norton Creek about 1.3mi (2.1km) east of the village of Aubrey. (45.151N/73.766W) It was first located about a mile west of the final location. (45.157N/73.789W)


A mis-spelling of Aubrey Village on the English River (South Georgetown).

Aubry's Corners

A mis-spelling of Aubrey's Corners.

Australia Concession (Concession d'Australie) (South Georgetown)

The first double concession south of Fertile Creek in Très-St-Sacrement Parish. Comprised of the Sixth and Seventh ranges of South Georgetown and the road that runs between them from the Rock Sideroad to the English River near Riverfield. (45.12N/73.84W) The Australia Concession Road is now named Rang 5 (Très-St-Sacrement).

Ayrness Junction

A railway station at the junction of the Canada Atlantic Railway and the Montreal and Champlain Junction Railway (both later became part of CNR), 1 mile (1.6km) west of the village of Howick. (45.182N/73.867W) Known locally as the 'Junction', it was originally called Howick Junction. It was named Ayrness after the nearby Ness family who were famous breeders of Ayrshire cattle. An abortive attempt to develop the Village of Howick Junction around Ayrness was made in the late 1800's.