Volume I of the Notes

Huntingdon County and the Seigniories of Chateauguay and Beauharnois

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Volume 1 - Contents:

1-45. James Wright, North Georgetown, died November 1884: (Andrews, Archambault, Baker, Baxter, Beaudry, Beech, Black, Bowron, Boyd, Brodie, Brown, Buller, Campbell, Christie, Clark, Cross, Davis, Dawes, DeSalaberry, DeWatteville, Donaldson, Elliot, Finch, Fulton, Goodwin, Gowdy, Haldane, Harvie, King, Kinghorn, Lindsay, Logan, Mackinaw, Marrat, Mathison, McArthur, McCartney, McClatchie, McCord, McLatchie, McWattie, Melville, Mills, Monica, Morrison, Muir, Mundy, Norval, Ogilvy, Perrigo, Perry, Poodoor, Porrier, Ralston, Reed, Reeves, Rice, Richarsdson & Forsythe, Robertson, Rogers, Root, Seely, Shaw, Simpson, Smith, Somerville, Tait, Thompson, Walker, Willard, Williamson, Winter)

14-15. Sandy Williamson: (Thompson)

15-16. Mrs. Thompson: (Buller, McClatchie, Winter)

45-6. Richard Waller, Franklin: (Brodie, Fulton, Harrison, Henigan, Jones, Pelton, Rowe, Tait, Wilson)

46-7. Edward Sadler, Ormstown: (Harrison, Henigan, Jones, Pelton, Rowe, Wilson)

47. Fargo: (Ames)

48- McPhee brothers: (Dalgliesh, Gordon, Graham, Jordan)

49-73. Robert Morrison, died 1887: (Andrews, Baird, Baxter, Beech, Boyd, Brodie, Bruyere, Bryson, Bullen, Campbell, Christie, Cummings, Daly, Davies, Davis, DeSalaberry, DeWatteville, Dinsmore, Ellice, Ferguson, Goodwin, Gowdy, Hampton, Harvie, Henderson, Johnson, Jones, Logan, MacDonell, McClatchie, McCollum, McEwen, McWattie, Mills, Milne, Monica, Mundy, Ogilvie, Ogilvy, Perry, Phillips, Prevost, Pritchard, Purdy, Ralston, Reed, Reeves, Richy, Root, Sadler, Shurtleff, Simpson, Sinton, Smith, Spears, Stewart, Sylvester, Williamson, Wright, Wtherston, Younie)

73-83. John McLennan, Williamstown. Died I think in Spring of 1886: (Ainsley, Barber, Berghardt, Briton, Brock, Ellice, Finlayson, Gordon, Hall, Johnson, LaFrance, Logan, Manuel, McEsson, McLean, McLeod, McPherson, McQuaig, McWattie, Mills, Nichols, Norton, Patenaude, Pease, Proper, Robertson, Seaver, Struthers, Walsh, Young)
84-9. Archd Cameron died August 1914, 89 years old

89-90. John Donaldson, Ormstown: (Hall, Miller, Miller, Manuel, Corkidale)

90-3. Wolcot Thayer - Burke, NY: (Hamilton, Hampton, Prevost, Reed, Shephed)

93-4. Alanson [Alonzo?] Roberts: (Hamilton, Hampton)

95-7. Joseph Dumas: (Davidson, McNee, McNaughton, Menzies)

97-104. Mrs and John McCartney, South Georgetown; see also after Mrs Norval): (Baxter, Brodie, Buckley, Cameron, Cross, Davis, Foster, Hamson, Hassack, Morrow, Williamson)

105-9. John McDougall, Ormstown: (Cousins, Drummond, Foster, Green, Hall, Lindsay, Moore, Smith, Tate, Whetherston, Young)

110-17. David Bryson (Stony Creek) Ormstown: (Barrington, Bee, Daigneault & Moreau, Dunscombe, Ellice, Lind, Manuel, Marratt, McAuley, McWattie, Mills, Murray, Patton, Rice, Richardson, Robertson & Simpson, Rutherford, Shepherd, Shields, Stewart, Wright)

118-21. Wm McNaughton, Ormstown: (Allan, Andersen, Borrie, Brimley, Brimley, Brodie, Bryson, Colquhoun, Cairns, Cross, Fax, Jones, Lamonagne, Lockerby, Macdonald, McArthur, McCallum, McEachern, McKinnon, Miller, Needler, Porter, Russell, Walsh, Younie)

120. Mrs Archd McEachern, Ormstown: (Boyd)

121-30. Mrs Norval, Beauharnois: (Brown, Bryson, Cardinal, Colville, Duquette, Durham, Ellice, Feeny, Mallette, McDonald, Milne, Onslow, Roach, Ross, Wakefield)

131-2. John McCartney: (Haskings, Williamson)

133-6. Moses Branchaud, QC, Beauharnois: (Archambault, Brown, Keith, Leduc, Lortimere, McCord, Mills, Nicholson, Norval, Perrot, Ross, Winter)

136. Robt Beatty, Ormstown.

137-53. James McArthur, Dewittville: (Baker, Baxter, Beattie, Best, Brodie, Brown, Bryson, Cameron, Cluff, Cross, Davidson, Dewittville, Donaldson, Evans, Feltes, Finn, Foster, Gardner, Goundry, Grant, Hamilton, Harkness, Harrison, Jellis, Jones, Logan, Marrat, Masson, McArthur, Mcnaughton, McWattie, Mills, Milne, Monica, Morrison, Muir, Munro, Norval, Ogilvy, Perrigo, Reeves, Robertson, Rutherford, Smellie, Suttle, Sym, Thompson,, Todd, Turcot, Valleil, Walker, Weed & Meigs, Williams, Williamson, Wright)

153-8. John Donaldson, Ormstown: : (Anderson, Baird, Campbell, Cavers, Colquhoun, Cook, Cross, Dalgliesh, Drummond, Finn, Fisher, Fletcher, Gage, Graham, Hodgins, Jones, Kennedy, Leahy, Leggatt, Lietch, Manuel, McArthur, McClenaghan, McClintock, McDougall, Miller, Mills, Moe, Perrault, Philipson, Roach, Reeves, Russell, Scarlett, Simpson, Sweet, Tate, Walker, Walsh, Whealy, Whetherston)

158-64. John Hunter: (Anderson, Armstrong, Baker, Barrie, Baxter, Bowron, Brown, Cameron, Campbell, Carmichael, Clemens, Davis, Dowler, Dumschel, Elliot, Ewart, French, Gardner, Gibson, Graham, Grover, Gullipeau, Hall, Henderson, Hogle, Hume, Hunter, Hyde, Lavalle, McCord, McShane, Morrison, Munro, Nichols, Norton, Norval, Patterson, Percy, Piercy, Reeves, Rose, Schaw, Somerville, Suttle, Turcot, Vosbugh)

164-66. James Hamilton (died 1888), Hinchinbrook: (Bagg, Bowron, Brown, Cunningham, Ducharme, Hunter, Todd, Wylie)

166-7. Mrs Blachford, Boyd Settlement: (Boyd, Donnelly, Hamilton, Hunter, Wilson)

168-90. Wm Grant (died 1885), Allan's Corners: (Blyth, Bowron, Brodie, Brown, Bryson, Buckley, Burrel, Campbell, Cavanaugh, Cowley, Craig, Cross, Dalton, Daouglas, Dewitt, Dickman, Dinning, Donaldson, Douglas, Dunning, Fleming, Graham, Greig, Harkness, Leishman, McArthur, McConahy, McCormick, McEwen, McIntoxh, McKellar, McNab, McNown, McRellen, McWattie, Mills, Morrison, Mullan, Mullin, Norval, Ogilvy, Ralston, Reeves, Robertson, Rutherford, Sadler, Smith, Steel, Sutherland, Sym, Todd, Turcot, Vizier, Wakefield, Williamson, Wilson, Wright, Younie)

190-91. Jas Whittal, Upper Ormstown: (Burton, Carruthers, Dewitt, Watson)

191-2. Robt Whittal: (Blakely, Brown, Ellice, , McBride, McNarland, Ogilvy, Oliver, ouimet, Sparrow, Tessier)

192-201. Wm McKell, English River. Died 1888.: (Baxter, Brodie, Brown, Currie, Davis, Duncan, Elliot, Fisher, Gardner, Hunter, Knox, Livingston, McNulty, McWattie, Metcalf, Mills, Newlands, Ogilvie, Patterson, Reeves, Richey, Rutherford, Smith, Somerville, Wilson, Wright)

202-8. David Wilson (died 1887), English River: (Adams, Brisbin, Brown, Colquhoun, Duncan, Felte, Graham, Logan, McAuley, Reeves, Richardson, Wheatly, Younie)

209-12. Thomas Gebbie, Howick: (Campbell, Coutts, Cross, Davis, Dumschiel, Ellice, Finlayson, Grenier, Miller, Reeves, Robson, Rose, Seaver, Shanks, Wheatly)

212. Geo Rutherford, Tullochgorum: (Chisholm)

213-15. James Sangster, Ormstown: (Baker, Campbell, Mason, McKay, Nicol)

215. John Sadler

216. Wm Reeves: (Chapman, Davies, Ogilvy)

216-17. Mrs Robt Jack, Chateaugay Basin: (Caldwell, Dewitt, Macdonald, Saucier)

217-21. Thomas Clark, Chateaugay Basin: (Barlow, Caldwell, Campbell, DeSalaberry, Dewitt, Dickerson, Duquette, Ferguson, Hunter, Jack, McClean, McDonald, Taylor)

221-25. Dr Muir, South Georgetown: (Baker, Baxter, Brodie, Brown, Campbell, Davidson, Felte, Graham, Harkness, McWattie, Muir, Ogilvie, Thompson, Turcot, Williamson, Wright)

225-30. John Younie, Tullochgorum: (Brodie, Brown, Chisholm, Cook, Cross, Farquharson, Feltes, Graham, Harrison, Hunter, Lindsay, Morrison, Paxton, Perrigo, Reeves, Robertson, Selkirk, Simpson, Sinclair, Smellie, Symons, Thompson, Williamson)

228. Gilbert Cook: (Archambault, McArthur)

229. John Symons: (Archambault, Beaubien)

230-239. Mrs Younie: (Anderson, Beatty, Bell, Brodie, Brown, Bruno, Bryson, Cairns, Campbell, Conley, Cross, Douglas, Forrest, Graham, Harkness, Kerr, King, McCormick, McDougall, Mills, Morrison, Peddie, Reeves, Selkirk, Smith, Sym, Syme, Symons, Wakefield, Wilkinson, Williams, Williamson)

239-40. Wm Ogilvie, South Georgetown. Died 1885: (Andrews, Brodie, Dawes, Dervey, Elliot, McWattie, Muir, Reeves)

240-48. John Symons (see also statement by him in Younie's recollection): (Bourboneau, Boyd, Brodie, Brown, Manuel, McConachie, Symons, Wakefield, Williamson, Wright)

249-260. Valleyfield Canal Riots: (Curran, Elliot, Hynes, Jones, Laroque, McDonald, McIntyre)

261-270. John Symons: (Bagg, Baldwin, Brodie, Brown, Colbourne, Colville, Cote, Daly, Derbishire, Ellice, Elliott, Fingland, Lafontaine, Laroque, Lavesque, Lynch, Norval, Richardson, Rodgers, Scott, Somerville, Tate, Wakefield, Winters)

270-71. Geo Cross, Ormstown. Died 1888: (Brodie)

271-72. Wm Davidson: (Bowron, McArthur, Milne)

272-73. Geo Elliot, Ormstown. Died 1887: (Barr, Brodie, Bryson, Colquhoun, Cross, Elliot, Muir, Mullin, Rutherford)

274-77. Duncan Cumming, Ormstown: (Arthur, Berry, Cook, Fisher, Harvie, Hood, McEachern, McGerrigle, Thomson)

277-78. Richd Carr, Huntingdon: (Barrett, Baxter, Dewitt, McDonald, Robertson, Whyte)

278-78. James Cowan: (McIntosh)

279-80. Mrs McNee, Huntingdon: (Mathieson, Munro, Stewart)

280-85. Norton Creek Road: (Gardner, Manning, there follows pages of settlers names with the frontage assessment for each; occasional notes)