Pioneer Families of the Chateauguay

Huntingdon County and the Seigniories of Chateauguay and Beauharnois

Settler families of the 19th Century

Archibald Sangster and familyHere are links to some of the pioneer families of the Ch√Ęteauguay Valley. We have limited the scope of these pages to the first settler at the one end, and to no later than 1914 at the other. Most of our contributors have identified many generations of old country English, Irish and Scots ancestors, as well as descendants to the present day. They will be happy to hear from distant cousins.

A Family Contact is identified on each page. You are invited to contact the contributor if you have, or suspect, a connection to these families. If you would like to see your own Ch√Ęteauguay Valley pioneers included here, please contact our WebMonger

Nathaniel Adams & Dorothy Andrus
William Akester & Elizabeth Alger
James Anderson & Margery Barclay
John Angel & Jane Lee
Irwin Armstrong & Sarah Mullens
Abraham Atkinson & Caroline Ann Struthers
Edward Aubrey & Mayless or (May Bess?)
James Barr & Janet Lindsay
William Barrington & Esther Britton
Gideon Brayton & Rebecca Nichols
Laird Robert Brodie & Janet Crawford
James Bryson & Janet Cross
Patrick Buchanan & Lucy Baker
John Carson & Mary Wright
Thomas Caverhill & Jessie Fletcher
Merrill Cooper & Orrin Babcock
William Wesley Cox & Fanny Sparrow
Robert Cross & Janet Selkirk
John Cummin & Betty McCoaig
James Darragh & Catherine Quinn
Phillip Derick & Mary Brust
Edmund Dineen & Margaret McCarthy
John Douglass & Mary Snodgrass
James Feeny & Catherine Henry
Charles Furey & Margaret Douglass
Alexander Gardiner & Mary Brodie
John Greer & Mary McClelland
William Greig & Elizabeth Masson
James Hamilton & Margaret Ferguson
William Hampson & Jane McCartney
Thomas Henderson & Margaret Henderson
William Henderson & Mary Mullins
Samuel Hingston & Eleanor McGrath
James Holmes & Barbara Brodie
William Henry Hooker & Ann Whittal
Robert Howe & Isabel McLean
Thomas James Hutchison & Jane Barrington Whittal
John Jack & Elizabeth Lang
William Kissock & Jessie Caverhill
John Lamb & Jane Akester
Murty Long & Elizabeth McGrath
John Lang & Margaret McKell / Janet Peddie
Andrew Lauder & Isobel Allan
James Learmont & Elizabeth Black
Peter Lindsay & Margaret Stevenson
Robert Lindsay & Agness Dickie
John Angus MacDiarmid & Catherine Cameron
Alexander MacFarlane & Janet Gorrie
Archibald Ma(i)ther & Agnes Huntley
John Mason & Catherine Hamilton
John McDowell & Charlotte Farr
Daniel McGregor & Christian Bullions
Matthew McKell & Jean Niven
Allan McMillan & Jane Muir
Duncan McMillan & Margaret Cumming
James McNeil & Margaret Fulton
James McNown & Jane Martin
James McWhinney & Mary Scott
Angus Menish & Janet McCaig
John Metcalfe & Ann Thompson
Moses Millar (1764) & ??? Stewart
Moses Millar & Margaret Caldwell
William Miller & Janet Crawford
Alexander Mills & Christian Fisher
Arthur Moore & Mary Whalley
James Muir & Jacobina Nicholson
William Muir & Catherine Bertrand
William Ogilvie & Lucinda Baxter
John Orr & Mary Erskine
John Parkinson & Elizabeth Chapman
John Pringle & Jannet Herriot
John Pringle & Euphemia McCaig
Peter Reid & Mary Flanaghan
Robert Rember & Hannah Henslie
Robert Robertson & Mary Margaret Craig
John Rutherford & Helen Smith
Edward Sadler (1754) & his six sons
Edward Sadler (1822) & Elizabeth Tate
John Sadler & Ann Mason
John Sadler & Mary Reid
James Sangster & Christian Smith
John Sangster & Betsy Mather
Patrick Sherry & Mary Hughes
Francis Smith & Ann Kelly
James Sparrow & Martha Douglass
Jonathan Sparrow & Mary McNarland
Robert Stevenson & Jane Snowden
Robert Stevenson & Nancy McLean
Charles Stewart & Frances McGregor
Charles Stewart & Frances McGregor (2)
John Stewart & Margaret Rodgie
<Unk> Stewart & Mary McMullen
James Struthers & Margaret Hogg
John Swales & Isabel Preston
Hugh Symons & Helen Balfour
John Symons & Henrietta Richmond
John Tate & Jane Stabler
Samuel Thompson & Catherine Baskin
Robert Thomas Walsh & Elizabeth McNown
James Whittal & Ann Ramplin
John Whittal & Eliza Turley
Robert Whiteford & Margaret Lennox
Alexander Younie & Isabel Laing