Copies of Source Material

Huntingdon County and the Seigniories of Chateauguay and Beauharnois

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Our volunteers are happy to provide photocopies of records found in our web-site, as a means to help cover the cost of keeping this resource on-line.  In return, we will gratefully accept any amount you would care to contribute. Many ask for guidance, and for them we can say that donations vary widely, but seem to cluster around $5 per copy.

To request copies, fully identify the document(s) required, then go to our Contact Us page to send your request. To make a suitable donation you may use the PayPal button found there. If you prefer to send your request by mail, personal cheques or money orders are preferable to cash.

Church Register Records

Provide the name of the subject of the record and include the Source code (in the format NN.nnnn) that is shown above the record content.

The Gleaner

Early issues contain four pages; later issues as many as 18. If your interest is in a specific event, its description and date will lead us to the page or pages concerned. Alternatively, you might request the entire issue that contains the report.  We're flexible--let's discus what you need and see where it gets us. The local weekly from the time of Grandpa's birth or marriage is a great reference to his life and times.

Sellar's Notes

Provide the subject named in the record and the volume and page reference found in our index. Some of these Notes are quite long. You can gauge how many pages are involved by noting the missing page numbers to the next entry in the index.

Sellar's History

Our digitized volume of Sellar's History is universally searchable. If you would like clean, accurate transcriptions of an anecdote or event, please let us know. Contact Us at left.


Transcripts of the Church Registers by Surname are available. These contain all of the words the Minister wrote, often going well beyond the pre-determined fields represented in our on-line database.  A donation of $10 per surname is suggested. If you expect more than 50 entries you might want to be a bit more generous. We can provide a record count upon request.

Anything Else?

If there is something else you think we might be able to provide, feel free to contact us and we'll do our best We have a variety of old maps; we can often locate your ancestor's land right down to today's buildings on an Ordinance Survey map. We have numerous books, foremost among them Sellar's History of course.